Kanemasa the Katana smith



KANEMASA the KATANA smith produce the genuine Japanese sword(刀,KATANA). The KATANA is finished by the traditional Japanese style and their quality is kept up almost permanently.
KANEMASA(兼正) is the craftsman name for the KATANA. KANEMASA the first is one of oldest craftsman whose experience is more than seventy years. KANEMASA the second is his follower.
We perfectly conduct the production, maintenance and sales, so we can provide the KATANA without the extra cost for the mediators. In this time, you can get the genuine KATANA.
Our factory is located in Seki that is world-famous city for the cutlery.
Seki is also well-known as the one of 5 producing centers of KATANA in Japan.


There are many counterfeit of KATANA in the world.
However, You can see only genuine articles in this catalog.