Our Products of kanemasa

Our Products

We introduce the samples in this catalog, and they are not mass-production. All products are handcrafted.
So, you cannot get our product, immediately. We make a plan to meet your order, and we start the production. The time of delivery is long, the price is not cheap, however, we can provide the highest quality product. It is an only one in the world.
We can also produce not only the KATANA but also several type of cutlery by the superb iron, Watetsu/Wakoh.
Please ask to us about the question or the details of order, because of we propose the most suitable plan to answer to your special order.

We check the quality of the product on the each process.
Only high quality product is used to the following process.
So, it is a long time (1 - 2 years) to get the KATANA of KANEMASA.
In the special case, we produce a lot of KATANA for the best one.
In the ancient Japan, the chief of ruling class supported the craftsman group
to get the special KATANA with the highest quality.
And the craftsman rewarded the support to produce the superb KATANA
by the prominent skill and the conscientious work.
The social system has been change, however our policy will be not change forever.

arabic_tou.jpgWe can produce the various cutlery in all the world by the advanced
technology for the KATANA.
You can get the superb product for your order.